All products are especially conceived to suit specific project requirements and are complying with the naval industry’s severe standards in the supply of prefabricated balconies, balcony sliding and hinged doors, balcony automatic doors, balcony balustrades and partitions, as well as wheelhouse windows, glass walls for public spaces, windscreens, special glazing for solarium, skywalks and skylights, fire-rated doors and glazing.


  • Description:


    Automatic vertical sliding windows for cabins, conceived to enhance the way of living the staterooms experience with a fully glazed window towards the horizon.

    The windows are realized with aluminium extruded profiles, painted in compliance with marine environment. The upper part can slide downwards or upwards with a vertical movement. The opening and closing are motorized and managed by cabin buttons: window can communicate its status to cabin PLC, giving open/close output signal for HVAC. The mechanical and automation system is inside the frame and no parts are visible outside. The window is also equipped with a manual safety closure system.

    The AVSW is also available in a thermal insulated version, named AVSW-I. 

    Tests: EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility; Immunity for industrial environments; EM - Electromagnetic fields; Environmental composite temperature/humidity cycle tests.

    Certificates satisfying pressure loads varying from 250 kg/sqm to 500 kg/sqm for AVSW, AVSW-I version tested up to 3540 kg/sqm with hydrostatic test, system approved by main Classification Societies.

    AVSW weathertight performances:

    • Air permeability: Class 4
    • Water tightness: Class E1950
    • Resistance to wind load: Class C5

    AVSW-I weathertight performances:

    • Air permeability: Class 4

    • Water tightness: Class E2100

    • Resistance to wind load: Class C5